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The producers: Digital Health Media
Digital Health Media is an Australian medical media company with strengths in the visual interpretation of disease and health management techniques. DHM has developed a series of products bringing together physician, nurse, allied healthcare providers and patients. The flagship is the library application available to Primary Care physicians, nurses and allied health professionals.
DHM works with health and medical partners in providing a range of interactive services. Medical marketing strategies have changed and are now embracing digital offerings. DHM leads this process in the visual imaging media segment with delivery platforms that are now becoming standard utilities in medical practitioner and patient management programs. A visual interpretation in 3D animation or 3D composite image of a health function assists in greater and longer lasting understanding. This in turn impacts on positive health management and higher patient compliance.
The digital library consists of composite images within disease categories designed to visually tell a story about a disease condition or the action of a drug in treatment. The images are used by physician or nurse to help in educating the patient of the impact of disease and associated disease management techniques. There are also 3D animations to give a fuller description.